Gasket Suppliers to all types of Industry

We source and supply a comprehensive range of sealing products for the oil and gas, power generation, chemical and refining and water / desalination industries including semi-metallic, metallic, flange insulating sets and non-metallic gaskets.

Spiral Wound Gaskets, Semi Metallic Products

These gasket types have a combination of metallic and non metallic materials which ensures a sealing product with excellent recovery characteristics when pressure and temperature fluctuations cause bolt relaxation in flange assemblies.

Semi-Metallic Gaskets can be used from cryogenics to temperatures above 1100 degrees centigrade when the correct material combinations are used.

Products we supply include, Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Double Jacketed, Corrugated Gaskets, Graphite Filled Spirals, PTFE Filled Spirals, High Temperature Filled Spirals, Spiral Wound Gaskets.

Amaco UK have the knowledge and experience to offer the right solution to meet the most arduous application to seal a Flange Assemble, Vessel, Heat Exchanger or OEM Equipment first time.

The following Semi-Metallic products fall within our scope of supply:

  • Spiral Wound Gasket Style SE - Element Only
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Style OR - Outer Ring / Sealing Element / Inner Ring
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Style IR - Sealing / Inner Ring
  • Metal Reinforced Products (MRP)


Ring Type Joints, Metallic Gasket Products

All Ring Type Joints and API Rings supplied by Amaco UK will be manufactured to API 6A PSL Level 4, the highest recognised industry standard. All materials will be fully traceable and will meet the requirements of NACE specifications.

Our extensive range includes R Oval, R Octagonal, BX Rings, RX Rings, SBX Rings, SRX Rings, SR Rings, BOP Rings, Ring Type Joints, API Rings and Kamos Test Ring Joints.

The following Metallic Ring Styles fall within our scope of supply:

  • R Style Octagonal or Oval Section - These Rings are totally interchangeable to suit ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flanges
  • RX Style - API Rings to suit standard ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flanges
  • BX Style - API Rings to suit API 6A Flanges
  • SR Style - Special R Rings in either Octagonal or Oval Section to suit Subsea Applications
  • SRX Style - Special RX Rings to suit Subsea Applications
  • SBX Style - Special BX Rings to suit Subsea Applications
  • Subsea & Wellheads Rings - Machined Parts to Customer Specific Drawings


Oil and Gas Industry Flange Insulating Kits

Amaco UK supply a range of flange insulating sets, neoprene faced phenolic insulating sets, Pikotek PGE and Pikotek VCS insulating sets.

Gasket Choices


Pikotek manufactures and distributes critical service flange gaskets, spring-energized jacketed seals and electrical flange isolation kits for use in high-pressure and highly corrosive environments.


  • Critical service flange gaskets
  • Low-pressure sealing and flange isolation gaskets
  • Insulating kits
  • Orifice plates


  • VCS™
  • PGE™
  • IsoCore™
  • Firelok™
  • Flowlok™


Non-Metallic Gaskets and Gasket Sheeting

These gasket materials are used for low pressure classes 150lb and 300lb. All the materials described in this section can be supplied in sheeting form or as Cut Joints to meet flange standards or customer-specific dimensions. These materials can be obtained in various thicknesses from 0.50mm to 3.00mm for all materials types listed below. The Rubber materials can be supplied up to 6.00mm thick.